Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Alternatives - #1387

The Lavazza café in the Augustiner Strasse has a lot going for it.

Cosy in winter, seating out in the (pedestrian precinct) road, 2 golden retrievers to step over, nice people.

It's clear that the TSOW remains the barista of choice, but as an alternative......?

The espresso in the Augustiner Strasse's good, too.

If not better......


Pedro D. H. said...

golden retrievers are such amazing dogs!

i'm gonna take a break and have a coffee! :P

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

It sounds like a winner to me... local places with resident pets are a big draw for me, particularly when the coffee is good.


Kate said...

Just returned from a meeting with another blogger. We needed a cafe like this one. The chairs are comfortable?

paul said...

Seems to be a (too?) well-kept secret. Where are all the customers?

Virginia said...

Love this shot JB. You give a whole new meaning to "Cafe Society". I think you've drunk coffee on every continent n'est-ce pas??


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