Saturday, 18 June 2011

Quiz Night - #1363

The Moutere Inn has valid claims to fame.

The oldest pub in New Zealand. Tick.
12 local beers on tap. Tick.
Good food. Tick.
Cool owners. Tick.

And then there's quiz night.
The entire population appears to assemble, is then sliced and diced to avoid couples being in the same team and then distributed equitably on tables around the pub.

Me? Interested observer.

Got most of the questions right and the table pictured here asked me to help out with the list of Northern Hemisphere teams participating in the Rugby World Cup this year in NZ.

I had them all except Georgia.
They had them all except Georgia and Romania.
They didn't want to believe me, the sceptical bloke in the picture being particularly dismissive.

Their bad luck....

1 comment:

Virginia said...

jb, walking encyclopedia. I'd want you on my team! :)
You and Mrs. JB need to play next week and clean up that place. Money involved I hope.


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