Monday, 20 June 2011

Paul - #1365

"I hope you'll have time to meet up if you're in Auckland" wrote bro Paul of Auckland West fame when he heard I was zipping through.

I told him that Isabel's the big #1 on my list, but that he's not far behind.

So we met outside the Hardware café in Titirangi, found a table at the café next to Lopdell House and hunkered down for a couple of flat whites and a couple of hours of chatting until we realised that my parking time had expired and that I had to head off for dinner.

Not often that you meet people you feel like you've known for years.

Not at our age, anyway...

Yesterday: Peter
Today: Paul


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love the portrait and what a great opportunity to visit with a friend... coffee looks pretty good too! Enjoy your time away.


Kate said...

jb, you need a title of some have appeared on more blogs this past month or so! What moniker can we award?

Paul's portrait of you and yours of his demonstrates the good fellowship between you two.

paul said...

Good that you made it out from under the ash cloud. And a very pleasant afternoon it was indeed, never mind the wobbly table.

Steffe said...

A fun meeting I guess.


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