Wednesday, 22 June 2011

...Not to mention Gill - #1367

Mapua Wharf has few permanent residents.

Seagulls, mostly.

Rowdy lot.

So it was good to see some talent in the form of Gill Knox the other day, quietly painting a scene that I come back to look at time after time.

Check out her website - it's worth a visit


Kate said...

A talented woman. Smart, too: I noted that she displays what looks like business cards on her easel.

Gill Knox said...

Thanks KAte, yup they are business cards, I handed out a few. :)
James, thanks for the publicity, I am humbled by this..
I am about to post the finished pic up on my website..

Virginia said...

I hope you bought this lovely piece of NZ , JB.
I've so enjoyed your sojourn to your homeplace. I think it is a happy place for you, and us as well.


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