Tuesday, 21 June 2011

...and Mary ...er...Isabel - #1366

"I knew you were here, darling" she said when I called 

"Robby told me"

"Robby" is the daughter of our best friends and my babysittee from waaaay back. 
She also has a gardening service called "Garden Grubs" and keeps Isabel's garden in shape.

And Isabel up to date.

Isabel is my coffee date when I'm in Auckland. She's known me since I was in my early teens and has a memory that recalls every embarrassing detail of my youth and beyond.

93 last Saturday.

Still drives.
Still sews.
Still knows more about politics than 95% of the population.
Still amazing


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

And, she is beautiful... how wonderful that you can have a coffee date with someone who has known you for most of your life. Congratulations to you both.


Virginia said...

She's a wonder and I think you need keeping up with JB, so she's got her hands full!

nathalie said...

Peter, Paul, Isabel, what a wonderful set of portraits. Thank you for showing mankind's best side!

paul said...

Couldn't agree more with Natalie :-)

Prulletje said...

She is lovely, amazing beautiful eyes fulltime of live! Thanx for sharing

Kate said...

She is a woman to emulate; beautiful and active as she ages. It would be fun for one of us to interview her and plumb her for details of your youthful escapades.

Thérèse said...

It sounds like it!

And did you really change in between?

Carola said...

Lovely post. She is amazing!


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