Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Delineation - #1345

This is the good stuff.

If you get a stretch assignment at work, it's going to push you to your limits and you'll draw on energy and resources that you never knew you had.

The British SAS say "Train hard, fight easy. Train easy, fight hard"

It's the same thing with wine.

If the vines grow in gravelly/slatey/dry soils, they have to work to grow roots waaaay down to let them survive.

And then they produce grapes that have all the mineral extracts that they find down there.

Black and white.

Simple as.


*Honest Abe said...

True. Life is hard. The fun is easy.

I like the aerial view. Aside from balloons and aeroplanes, there are flying carpets and corks from shook wine bottles.

Enjoyed the visit, I did.

Virginia said...

I thought it was some type of sidewalk! Vineyards eh???
Glad you're back in blogland with us JB. Carry on!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Glad you are blogging although I understand that you are "trotting the globe," professor. Tu as de la chance!


paul said...

Neat shot. Did you persuade one of your pilot mates to fly low for you?

Petrea Burchard said...

This is my kind of picture.

Nathalie said...

The great thing is that your photo suits the "under construction" theme quite nicely. I really thought I was looking at a striped concrete pavement :-)

Bon voyage to yet another great wine country (do you only travel to wine countries) ?

Kate said...

B&W is a great choice for a different view of a vineyard. Perhaps you should try your hand on growing grapes for your very own vino!


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