Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Can't wait - #1300

Am I ever glad that Annette Ludwig has taken over as Director of the Gutenberg Museum!

Talk about a breath of fresh air!
Talk about innovation!
Talk about getting information published in English!
Talk about....even opening on Sundays until 5pm?!

The upcoming exhibition "Lettern in Bewegung - Moving Types" is a retrospective study of the use of text in cinematography from its early days up to the present.

Coolest of all is the use of a QR code to take you to a YouTube clip with a taste of what awaits us in October.

I use "Scan" from QR Code City on the iPhone. Free. (I like "free")

And if you want to generate your own QR code, there's kaywa

All cool stuff.


Rute said...

Why is the

with invitation only? Or is there something wrong with my acount...

Virginia said...

Peter showed me some of these on the walls around Paris. Apparently you use your iPhone and can see the artist's website or something like that . I was a bit befuddled about it all so I've not posted my photos yet.
I think it's a cool idea for those with iPhones. I suppose I'm the only one left on the planet without one.?Verizion won't sell me one. Don't ask jb, it's to convoluted!

paul said...

Interesting post (as always). Looks like I might finally have to succumb to your advertisements for iphones.


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