Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sounds loik yerve still got all yer MARBLES, eh - #1280

I told Isabel that I had an idea on how she can supplement her pension.

"You know those Farmers' Market competitions where you pay $1 to guess the weight of a pumpkin and if you win, you get $10?" I said.

"You could hang a placard around your neck, sit yourself down in the mall and charge people a dollar to guess your age. You'd clean up"

Tried out the theory on the proprietress of a Milford cafe.

She's out by over a decade.

"Sounds loik yerve still got all yer MARBLES, eh!" she screeched "What's yer secret then?"

"A glass of warm water with cider vinegar and honey every morning, dear" says Isabel.

So if you're in the Milford Mall and encounter an elegant, highly intelligent woman who did Meals on Wheels for over 30 years, is still doing patchwork and can recite the genealogy of the British royal family at the drop of a hat next to a "Guess my age' sign, here's a hint.

She's closer to 93 than 92.

And she'll likely donate the winnings to charity.

"A funeral shroud doesn't have pockets, darling" she said.


Kate said...

Two elegant looking women. Isabel has the secret of life all right...just look at that smile. You charmed both of them, of course!!

Nathalie said...

What a sweet portrait :-)
You got me chuckling all the way!
Congratulations to Isabel, she's so beautiful!

Helen said...

Ladies like Isabel make me look forward to getting older. I only hope I'm half as elegant and look that good in pink.

paul said...

Super portraits, and a great story!


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