Thursday, 10 February 2011

"I'm a bit nervous..." - #1245

...said Uschi.

Not surprised.

First time she's flown anywhere by herself.

Meet Uschi Niklas, my mate Christoph's wife.

She retired from her job at the University clinic in Mainz 2 weeks ago and almost immediately said "I think I'll go and see Stephan and Áine and the grandkids"

Who live in Ireland.

I got roped into working out which airline was cheapest (Lufthansa marginally more expensive than Ryanair, but quality beats naffness any day), booking the flights on my credit card and checking her in on-line last night.

Took her to the airport - she wanted to be there 2 hours before departure - and all we had to do was to drop her bag, show her how the check-in kiosk works (for next time...) and buy her a coffee, so she had a good 90 minutes to find the gate.

And of course it's a surprise, so only Áine (aka chauffeur service) knows about it.

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when she fronted up...


Kate said...

Hoorah for Ushti! May her solo vacation be one of the best in her life. Bet she'll plan more now, with a little help from her friends. You caught the excitement and pleasure in her face, jb!

Nathalie said...

Now that's SOME swiftly managed project!

I hope she enjoys herself. I wish Uschi many happy returns.

Virginia said...

What a fine portrait!! You can see the excitement on her beautiful face. I hope she had a good flight and a grand time with her family.

Next trip I'll let you do the same pour moi!

Rute said...

She looks like such a nice lady, with hapiness all over her face.


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