Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Waiting for......#1223


Every year, Ikea, a Swedish furniture store with tentacles all over the world, holds its post-Christmas sale, starting on the 20th day after Christmas which falls on an unpronounceable day called "Tjugonda Knut".

This is also the day when Good Swedes are supposed to divest themselves of Christmas trees and sundry tat and glitter.

So they call their sale "Knut" and run an annual ad campaign (long since cult) featuring tree disposal in all its variations. 

German again


Kate said...

And did you dispose of your tree yet? Oh, my gosh, I forgot --you're not a good Swede, but a good Kiwi! As an interesting aside: when I was still flying, we used to call some of our planes "Kiwis." Gives you a feeling of confidence, right?!

Virginia said...

If they still have their trees up till now, I'll bet they were dry as a bone and dropping said needles all over the living room floor. Bad luck to leave it up after NewYear you know.

London Caller said...

... Isn't that the famous polar bear from Berlin? ;p

Nathalie said...

I've never seen a KNUT ad in France - have I missed something?

An Ikea store opened in Avignon last September. I'd love to see Xmas trees being thrown out of all the popes palace's windows...

Nathalie said...

PS - the French tend to dispose of their trees much earlier than 20 Jan.


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