Sunday, 31 October 2010

"No, over here........" - #1143

Had to feel sorry for this guy. It was like watching someone herd cats.

"No, not YOU... YOU... no, the other group. Now put your hands in the air and wave your pompoms. Not YOU - look at your hands. Do you see pompoms on the end of them? No? So I'm not talking to you, am I. NOT YET - when I say "Go""

""Go!" And the rest of you look as if you're playing your instruments. DON'T take your hands down."

Scenes from the 20th anniversary celebrations of "Die Chaote", a youth group run by Jeremy D. Frei covering everything from gymnastics, marching bands, dancers, cheerleaders and carnival.

Some of the local snobs look down their noses upon this sort of stuff (admittedly, Jeremy D. Frei does tend to overdo the self-promotion a tad, but he's in advertising. Probably can't help it.....), but he's doing good work, has the kids involved in charity work and keeps them off the streets.

Good enough in my book....

(Even St Andreas got in a festive mood, draped in a marching band uniform and surrounded by young fans)


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

JB, I am with you on this one, and the kids look like they enjoy what they are doing. Cheers for those who work with kids to serve others and find purpose.

Good story...

Virginia said...

German cheerleaders? Well whodathunkit! I've been involved in many herding cats situations. It's a trip. I suspect his antics won him lots of smiling, giggling faces.

Jean Spitzer said...

Andreas looks good in uniform.


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