Thursday, 7 October 2010

Isabel - #1119

Isabel Holdsworth was Mum's BFF (as they say).

She's 92, acts like 72 and still drives. And rips into the garage if they try to overcharge her.
She's worked for charities all her life, still does patchwork for sale at various hospices and can tell you about the impact of the War of the Roses on the current British political scene.

Took her out for afternoon coffee at her favourite (French) café in Milford the other day.
"There are 5 good ones in Milford" she says. "I've bonus cards from all of them"

We were there for a good 2 hours.

Flew by.

Seemed like 10 minutes.

Just love her to bits.....
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Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

JB, you old softie you. How sweet. I want to be like Ms. Isabel -- what an incredible woman and you are smart enough to recognize greatness. Good for you.

Kate said...

Three cheers for Isabel and for you for recognizing a jewel! Women of a certain age make wonderful friends because they "have seen it all," and, consequently, are tolerant but give no quarter to nonsense. She looks like she is in the flower of womanhood!

Virginia said...

Oh i"m thinking you are Miss Isabel's BFF , JB! What a lovely lady. I"m glad you had the chance to be with her.

Stefan Miller said...

Hey Mainz - Stefan here - love how the blogs going , I started up a blog of my own :) (Stefan's whatever blog ) hope u have a look and like it


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