Friday, 20 August 2010

Moguntia-ed in Mayence - #1071

Definitely not Shanghaied in Shanghai.

Only took 3 years, 2 months, 19 days, 20 hours and 33 minutes.

This is Bat (aka Bettina) of 50 Grad fame who lives/d just around the corner from the market and who first commented on the blog way back in 2007.

And we finally met up at Caffea Moguntia.

Which is something we've been threatening to do off and on for all this time and as she's back on a 2 week respite vacation from her real job as Senior Architect with an architectural practice in Shanghai, it seemed like a good idea.

How cool was it?

Very, if you ask me. This blogging business is funny - you don't know people you've never met, but you sort-of do?

That's what today was like.

Mind you, I was very careful what I said, given that she's a master of Chinese martial arts.

Which means that one wrong word and she could have broken my leg with a mere glance or brought my existence to a rapid and untimely end with a tap of her little finger.....


Genie said...

JB, how nice that you were finally able to meet someone you had known for over three years -- nice for you both! Bon weekend!

Kate said...

The women posed very well for you...must be friends! I'd like to meet both of them.

Bat said...

Very much enjoyed our meeting, too and how flattered I am that you even considered it worthy enough posting about it...

Virginia said...

YOU were careful what you said??? I'm LOL at that one JB. But I will agree with you, blogging has brought many wonderful friends into my life and I guess I'll have to include you in that gaggle of pals!

Glad you got to meet Bat in person and that she didn't hurt you. Who is the other lady in the photo?


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