Saturday, 17 July 2010

This is a bit much - #1037

Some shops close and you don't miss them.

Walk past an empty shop front and say "What used to be in there?" or "When did they close? Didn't read about that in the paper"

Then there are places like Studio 27 in the Kirschgarten in the Altstadt.

 Gisela and Anselm Vlatten have "small business" written all over them and stamped on their DNA.

You talk to them and they'll say "Oh, we were in that building back in the 1970s selling this or the other and then we moved to that building and sold something else. We had the toy shop back in the 80's too. Didn't you know that?"

Studio 27 sells good design objects.

Nutcrackers, pepper-mills, classy ceramics, jewellery, fabrics, fashion accessories for a discerning market.

And now they're closing.

The business is running OK, but they got a bill from some authority the other day that made Anselm say "I've had enough" to which Gisela said "Me too. Let's pack it in"

Which is fair enough, because they're both over 70 and they've deserved a good few years to enjoy life.

Doesn't mean I won't miss them, though...


Kate said...

Hope the owners have a good retirement, and, as you say: they deserve it. Can't imagine owning a store with all that inventory...too much work!

Virginia said...

Aww that's a shame. I wish them well. IT's happening everywhere you turn around here.


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