Friday, 9 July 2010

Pretty maids - #1029

...all in a row.

Which is either

  • a movie with Rock Hudson

  • a Joe Walsh song on the Eagles' definitive "Hotel California" album

  • a pressie from a family of Mrs jb's admirers from Uzbekistan.

[Clue: the latter.]

These folks are as poor as church mice, haven't got 2 farthings to rub together, but when the grand-kids sponsor a trip for them back to the homeland, they spend their pocket money on chocolates and gifts for Mrs jb.

Happens all the time.


Kate said...

We all should have the generous heart of these wonderful children. Ms jb, everybody's sweetheart! It's a lovely gift!

Virginia said...

How dear. I love these. I'm sure Mrs. JB did as well.
Thaks for this nice post JB


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