Friday, 2 April 2010

Not the Monthly Theme Day - Green - #932

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday aka Gründonnerstag (Green Thursday), Skärtorsdag (HT to Leif) and sundry other names.

The "green" bit could come from the medieval wearing of green vestments or the fact that nuns in Freckenhorst traditionally consumed herb pancakes on that day (so sayeth the Grimm Brothers' dictionary from 1852, anyway.)

And then there's Pesach, of course, and the Seder which requires the drinking of 4 cups of wine (I like that bit...) and eating Maror (green herbs, Romaine lettuce, green onions).

Purely coincidentally, we had Grüner Sosse yesterday with hard-boiled eggs and new (from Italy) spuds, parboiled and then lightly crisped with coarsely ground black pepper in olive oil.

Rather nice.

Although next year, I'm definitely stealing bits of the Pesach.

The 4 cups of wine, fr'instance....

(And I still can't get over what good images the iPhone spits out with apparent ease)


Leif Hagen said...

I hate to complain but why wasn't I invited to join the Grune Sosse dinner on Skartorsdag?!
Delicious photo - yumm

Kate said...

For me it's too early to enjoy your menu; I'll be back later to see if the green stuff still looks nasty to me. Now, the four glasses of wine...


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