Sunday, 7 March 2010

Boatshed? Boathouse? -#905

Now, is the "Boatshed" the restaurant or would that be the "Boathouse"?

And where do they have Friday night concerts and open a café during the week at lunchtime?

That's the "Boatshed"?


I give up.

But they're both really good in their own way and the brunch at the Boathouse/shed was quite excellent.

(The fact that they're right next to each other confuses me even more...0

More over on away

Table decorations at the Boatsomething


Kate said...

I'd be happy to go to either place. Like the chain in the foreground of the photo. Jealous, Jealous, with envy!

Virginia said...

Very nice table decorations at the whatever it's called! :)

Meg in Nelson said...

I never get those two... by the way, nice post about the Fullmers, too. that post disallowed comments, so I'll add it here.

Ben said...

one in your pic is boat shed and what you talking about concert and cafe is boathouse.


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