Thursday, 28 January 2010

Rituals - #867

Rituals are important.

When you go to a Mainz 05 game, there's a fixed procedure:

  • Get there an hour early
  • Get a beer
  • Discuss strategy with whoever's within earshot
  • Have a sausage on a bun
  • Dispose of borrowed beer
  • Have another beer
  • Head up to your seat
  • Discuss strategy with whoever's within earshot
  • Stand up, stretch your Mainz 05 above your head and sing "You'll never walk alone" with the other 20,300 (minus opposition supporters)
Just like in the picture


Kate said...

Looks like a familiar spectator picture. And, the ritual seems to be duplicated regardless of the sport.

WILBO43 said...

You forgot to mention
* and hope we'll win

Virginia said...

Dare I breathe the words......"What does Mainz 05 mean?" I personally think the best part of soccer must have to be the beer and sausages! :)


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