Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The New Wine and Onion Flan Triathlon - #762

The New Wine and Onion Flan Triathlon goes something like this:
  • Biking 11km through muddy farm tracks (think: Flanders without the barbed wire and bodies) to the starting point
  • Walking 18km through vineyards and villages
  • Devouring copious quantities of new wine, onion flan and grapes the harvesting machines missed
  • Biking 11km back home
  • Getting soaked in a rainstorm
Being in Germany, it's of course eminently well-organised:
  • Checkpoints to make sure you don't slack
  • Signposted (I'll leave out the "well"....)
  • Alternative routes for the more adventurous/masochists
  • Free apples, soup, herbal tea (give that a swerve next year. For sure)
  • A glass of the new wine

(Not me. Not Axel, either. Not allowed to say who it is, actually..)
  • A slice of onion flan (Ours is better...)

And - given that it's become a tradition over the last 24 years - you bump into people you know.

Claudia Ambach at Weigut Haub in Lörzweiler, for example.

"EVERY YEAR you're always the first to arrive and EVERY YEAR you take my photograph" she says to Axel (who's a tour regular and contributed a couple of pix, ta v. much) "and EVERY YEAR you promise to send me a picture. And you NEVER DO"

Axel promises to mend his ways.

I've sent her a picture to avoid getting ripped into next year.

Just to be on the safe side...

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