Sunday, 8 March 2009

Nightmare on Ludwig Street - #726

Lena from the Bosporus told me about this one.

This guy has a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria on the Ludwigstrasse, just around the corner from the Maria Ward school, for girls.

Every afternoon, he's invaded by hordes of nubiles, flashing their eyelids (and I wouldn't want to know what else) and asking for "this extra" and "that extra" on a Pizza Margherita.

Now, a Pizza Margherita is tomato and mozzarella.

Nothing else.

I though this guy was a purist, defending the original concept of the Margherita.

"No, mate" he said "They were bankrupting me"

"That's why I put up the sign"*

"Doesn't stop them asking, though..."

*"You can't have the large Pizza Margherita with salami, ham, pepperoni salami or tuna"


Virginia said...

HA! Love this . Even I know about a margherita ! My granddaughter ate a few in Paris a few years ago. What a great sport he is. HEY, a guy's gotta make dollar around this place. RIght JB????

Kris said...

I liked this story a lot. I would have thought that extras kind of misses the point of the margarita!


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