Monday, 3 November 2008

Toeing the line - #601

"Straighten up there, you horrible lot. Call yourselves soldiers - I've never seen such a scruffy bunch in all my ..... Oh, you're not soldiers. You're only WIMMEN..."

The 50th parallel that runs through Mainz has magical powers.

Magnetic, I think.

People are stopped in mid-stride as if glued to the ground and are only released once a photo has been taken.

Don't know how long they'd been standing there when I came along....

(Mrs jb observes the scene from a safe distance)


USelaine said...

You are very kind-hearted to help them out, there.

Xiaomo said...

I wonder if those people know, that it is n o t the 50th parallel they are standing on (it is in Mainz, but somewhere else. But the fathers of the city decided, it would look better in front of theater, so they made the mark there...). Well, as long as they believe it, they sure will profit from the "magical powers".


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