Saturday, 11 October 2008

"Oh Deere....."- #578

.....I'm just worn out" said Fanny Fendt.

"Do come in and take the weight off your tires" said Mrs Massey-Ferguson. "Have a nice cup of diesel - that'll make you feel a lot better"


D said...

LOVE this! Tractor humor on Saturday morning, what could be better?

Kate said...

Interesting dialogue. I wonder what they do and say when not overheard or seen?!

Jeremy said...

JB ... love looking at your blog ... one of our German students Franziska comes from Mainz .. she stayed with us in 2004 and visited again in 2006 .. she is now at uni in Mainz .. love the humour ... being a farmboy from South Auckland before they built a city there !! .. we had IH tractors ... I know RED is not very green !! .. enjoy your other blog ... we are cursed with a similar quirky eclectic humour gene .. best regards JB


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