Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Appel Happel - #575

The Happel family has been growing and selling fruit from their farm just over in Mainz-Lerchenberg for ages and a day.

The name? Not a clue.

Probably an Anglophile from ZDF, the big TV network with its HQ just across the road, said something like

"I think I'll get some apples from Happels on the way home".

Add a bit of dyslexia and away you go.

They were on the market in Mainz the other week, selling a mildly alcoholic beverage that's basically apple juice on its way to cider.

Sort of like apple Federweisser

This time of year, you'll see big PYO yellow signs to "Appel Happel" on virtually every corner.

Appels, pares, qwinces - the choyz is yore's

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