Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Spargel (Asparagus - especially the white variety) is the greatest vehicle for Hollandaise Sauce ever invented (except for, perhaps, poached eggs). Yes, we are in the grips of Spargel Fever over here in Germany to the moment. The markets are heaving with it, you can get it from street side vendors, you can get it direct from the farmer, you can get it from the supermarket - whichever way you choose, just don't forget it peel it, as I did on my first go at cooking it. It tends to be stringy.


Tanya said...

Now I'm embarrassed, I've never peeled asparagas! How do you peel it? We love it unpeeled obviously,lol

Olivier said...

petite asperge donnera bientôt de superbes asperges dans ton assiette.
Early asparagus will soon superb asparagus in your plate .

crittoria said...

Look at it growing right in the middle of the city!! YUMMY!!

Kris McCracken said...

It looks tasty. It's lovely blanched and then finished off fried in a bit of butter.

Thiên said...

I love asparagus. This is a great shot. :)


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