Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Shave for a cure - #383

OK, so it's not my image, but it's for good cause.

And it's important

Just got back from New Zealand, where the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation is running a fund-raising week to support the 10,000 people living with a blood cancer in New Zealand.

They're getting 10,000 to shave their heads and there's a whole bunch of other stuff going on, but the coolest idea is that they've got Fidelity Life to donate $1 every time someone clicks on the advert on the website.

2 reasons for doing it:

It guarantees money for the cause and the advert is pure goosebump/lump-in-the-throat/blink-back-the-tears brilliance.

No actors - just a real kid suffering from leukaemia with his Dad, family and friends.

Go and get Fidelity to dig deep.

And tell your friends

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