Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I'm walkin', yes indeed, I'm walkin' #319

If you ever get over to our neck of the woods, this is a worthwhile day's outing - the Rheinsteig, a 250 km hiking track from Wiesbaden to Bonn.

Not in one go, of course, although my mate Simon thought I'd be up to it.

It's in easy 22km sections through woods and vineyards along both sides of the Rhine.

Getting up there can be a bit tricky, though.

Set off yeserday from Lorch on the other side of the river and dutifully followed the signposts, registering the information that it might get a bit dodgy in inclement weather. (Sun's shining, what are they talking about?)

Vertical outcrops of slate, that's what they're talking about.

I was in mountain goat-mode in a flash, but my trusty companion, Ms Sherpa B, needed a bit of encouragement to make it over the last crevasse.

Cattle prods and whips tend to do the trick, I find...

But once you're up there, you've got breathtaking views and masses of wild hellebores.

Nice mug of hot chocolate at the Gonso cafe on the way home.

Just the job

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