Saturday, 5 January 2008

Here be Lions.... #288

The Lions tend to attractive good community-minded people wherever they go and Mainz is no exception.

Our friends at Caffea Moguntia gifted us the Lions Advent calendar (I guess for being good customers, sticking with them through thick, thin and sub-zero temperatures as we do. Or maybe just because they like us, a sentiment that is definitely reciprocal. Dunno. Whatever.)


Each calendar was numbered and there was a prize behind each door so you had a 24 in 9999 chance of winning something from the generous sponsors.

All sorts of goodies to be won (we obviously didn't, but we were that close...)

Such as

  • A weekend's free rental from the local Saab dealership
  • Ditto from BMW
  • A pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones
  • Dinner @ the very flash - the voucher's for €250..) Mollers restaurant, perched up on top of the State Theatre like a glass top hat
  • A €300 Executive Management fitness check @ the Lufthansa Aviation Medicine Clinic. (I used to get them for free when I still worked for them. They always said "You're going deaf in your left ear" to which I'd always say "Ehhh?"....)
  • A private concert in your garden from on of the local bands - would set you back €1200 normally
  • Tickets for Mainz 05
  • €200 worth of wine from my mate Christoph Schulz-Werner. (That's the one we were just ONE NUMBER off from)
And of course coffee from the folks at Caffea Moguntia

All good stuff and a cool idea

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