Sunday, 2 December 2007

The same old greasy number... - #260 Ry Cooder would say.

The big energy conglomerates have got the market nicely stitched up.

Split the market geographically into 3 regions and don't compete with the local squire, own the infrastructure and run a commodity exchange to give the whole scam an aura of respectability.

(The Monopolies Commission AND the European Union are finally onto them for price fixing, though. Not before time)

And then they have the gall to set up a new valued-based (i.e. marginally cheaper) subsidiary, while at the same time whacking up their retail prices and saying " Well, you DO have a choice" and flaunting it on the Saturday market in Mainz with dancing girls, one trick ponies and what-have-you.

If I was taller, I would have popped the bloody balloons...

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Curly said...

I'm guessing something upsets you but I haven't quite qorked out what it is yet.

Nice picture though!

from South Shields Daily Photo


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