Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Cascone #209

"Aren't we lucky people!" my mate John Whatley would say.

We certainly are, having the Cascones just up the road.

Michael (in the background) is the head honcho - the company carries his name-, but his Dad, Giuseppe, is the public face of the business.

Apart from having a wholesale business that serves the Italian gastronomy in the region, they have a smallish Italian supermarket with pretty much everything you could want or need.

Fennel salami, for example, in the process of being thinly sliced by Giuseppe.


isabella said...

Fennel so yummy ;-)

Lucky you, indeed!

Meg in Nelson said...

Do you think he'll send some down here? Yuuuummmmmyyyyyy....

Lynette said...

Yummy for the tummy. Oh, how I wish I could think of a tasty word that rhymes with palate!


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