Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I'm watching you....- #179

The road from Ober-Olm to Klein-Winternheim is a real race-track.

There's a 50km/h limit, then it's down to 30 limit next to the station, a chicane (which boy-racers all over the world immediately accept as a challenge to emulate Schumacher or Alonso and clip curbs at the highest speed possible) and then back to 50.

And when you round the bend, you see a set of traffic lights with a loooong red phase.

So what do you do?

Plant your foot, of course, and go through on amber or dark amber (as Dad used to say).

This chappy's there to keep an eye on things, though.

He and his mates (and little girfriends) are placed strategically around most villages to let drivers know that there's a high probability of littlies being out and about and it mostly works.

Not for me, though. I almost got flattened by Lewis Hamilton (or someone who looked very much like him, anyway) in a plumber's van yesterday evening.

I suppose I might be a tad too tall to qualify as protected species....


oldmanlincoln said...

Flat cats, birds, dogs and you almost. Wow.

People often drive over here like they have lost their minds. Some have. Some think they have. Some wish they had. Cars are tons of scrap metal trying to squeeze the juices out of living things. I can't imagine a wood sign would slow them down.

One thing that has done something to help or stop people from going through red traffic lights. They have automatic cameras that photograph them and their license plates. Then they are hauled into court and have to pay a hefty fine.

Brookville Daily Photo

Kate said...

This is a good idea, John. I posted something similar with one of our little statues that seem to be popping up all over town now (too lazy to check back to find it and give you the date, but I know your would be ever-so-anxious to see my contribution, too). I like your fella; the designers have a sense of humour as his demeanor is somewhat amusing. It seems, tho, that not much will deter a speeder.

Meg in Nelson said...

LOVE the pic!! So nice.


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