Sunday, 12 August 2007

Heavy breathing - #177

I'm not sure if I've worked this out correctly. I'm pretty sure I haven't.

This bulbous tricycle was parked next to Schott music publishers yesterday and it's certainly a show-stopper.

At first glance, it looks like a sleek aerodynamically-optimised skin over - I'm guessing here - a pretty classy lightweight space-frame with racing bike mechanics.

It's a Mango.

If you look at Velomobiel's website, they confirm that.

Pretty much, anyway. (I guess the rest is commercially sensitive)

What threw me, though, is the sticker.

5gm of CO2 per kilometre? No engine?

I can only assume it's the .... how can we phrase this delicately... personal emissions of the rider?

(No, not THOSE emissions. That would be methane....)

No, I think they mean the exhalation values.

Come to think of it, it's a pretty good way to lose weight.

5g times 20 kilometres works out at 100g PLUS the calories you've burnt in the process.

I think I'm onto something here...


oldmanlincoln said...

These are nice to look at and I have seen them on the bike trails here but the people in them look beat. I don't think it is much fun to go in.

I liked your photo of it and the description was a classic.

Gail's Man said...

A strange looking contraption. Bit like a motorcycle sidecar.

Z said...

I like the way it looks, even if I don't particularly want to ride in it. Mango -- very fitting!

Kim said...

That is so cool! I haven't seen these before even in the alternative transport literature. Fun to see, and very nice shot!

WFvN said...

Take a look at

There are many different types of velomobile. My wife and I own a Flevobike Versatile.

@Gail's Man
About the 'motorcycle side car': A year or 3 ago my wife and I parked our bicycles (she had her normal recumbent, I was with my velomobile) at a shopping mall. They were standing very close next to oneanother. A woman said to her little daughter: "Look, a bike with sidecar". So you're not the first to mention that.

What do you mean by 'very fitting'? You think it's rather small? People of 2 m in length fit into the Mango (and Quest and Versatile and.... many other types of velomobile)


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