Monday, 16 April 2007

Shame about the weather - #59

This is a really cool business concept.

Instead of growing sugarbeets (which are losing their EU subsidies as we speak) or cereal crops, farmers around here have moved to growing pick-your-own cut flowers.

Plough a furrow in autumn and pop in your bulbs.

In spring, put out your sign, an honesty box and some knives and sit back and count the money.

Narcissus and tulips are full on at the moment, but it's not without risk.

Especially if you have a hot spell.

Then everything comes on line with a bang and your season lasts a week instead of 4.

Like now. 4th day of almost 30 Fahrenheit temperatures.

And €0.40/US$0.55 a blossom?

No thanks.

Tibor, my mate and fellow sufferer at Mainz 05, has an allotment.

With lots of tulips.

For free.

(I like "for free")


Sally said...

Well, you had better watch out or Tibor will be picking up ideas!

Meg in Nelson said...

Blimy, that's a good price! (And this from a man who spent a lot of money on expensive compost a few days later???)


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