Saturday, 21 April 2007

The Ritterstrasse - #64

Mention the Ritterstrasse to anyone in Mainz with a miniscule sense of aesthetics and you'll generally be swamped by the effusiveness of their descriptive skills.

And it really is something quite special.

A road in the Oberstadt (Upper Town - you get the idea - a bit flash...) that's lined with flowering cherries forming a solid canopy of tender pink... Oops, classic case of being swamped by the effusiveness of their descriptive skills.

This year was short and sweet. Not to mention life-threatening.

The heatwave that we had last week pretty much turbocharged everything and instead of having a couple of weeks of splendour, it's lasted maybe a week.

And talk about dangerous.

It's normally a quiet suburban street, but they're upgrading a railway tunnel which requires them to commandeer the main drag into Mainz for close on a year (don't ask me..) and shunt the traffic through... the Ritterstrasse.

So it was a case of zipping out, composing and shooting and diving back to relative safety.

Thank goodness for autofocus...


Dsole said...

wow, I do enlarge the photo and there's soooo many details in your photo! colourful and brightness! really great! :)

Ben said...

It's a beautiful spring day. You have a nice weekend.

lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful trees. Love the color.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Very impressive color and the trees are doing their best to attract pollinators.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Roberto Allende said...



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